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Staying Hydrated this Summer

Our top tips on staying hydrated this summer… Enjoy!

Anyone else wake up and can’t wait to smell the coffee?

That delicious, warm, aromatic scent which signals get up and get sh*t done! …Hate to break it to you but this is not the best choice of drink first thing for your body …

A better option to staying hydrated is water. Obviously?

Did you know… drinking coffee in the morning metabolises so quickly that it can put your body into a state of shock? Sounds scary right?! There are other ways to get that perky feeling first thing – Instead, drink a pint of water first to replenish and re-hydrate the body, it is then prepared for alternative drinks like caffeine or… a matcha latte (our go to favourite)!

If you really want to kick start your day and feel like superwoman, try adding lemon and sea salt to your morning pint of water. Lemon juice helps with digestion and helps maintain a pH balance of the body and sea salt… well that helps to move fluid around the body and provide key minerals.



Two thirds of the body is made of water and most studies say that woman should drink between 1.5 – 2 litres of water a day. Sounds a lot right? But consistency is key with this! Oh and sorry lovelies, alcohol, tea and coffee is not included.

Where is that water going…?

We all know the obvious reasons that we need to replenish the amount of water in our body, but there are more ‘mysterious reasons’ that we lose water…

Water in the morning is SO important because we lose water when sleeping. (Yes, that may be great for the scales – have you ever noticed that you weigh less in the morning than the evening)?  In your approximate 7 hour sleep, you can lose up to 1 lb in weight through sweat and water vapour – WOW! Water vapour, through your mouth, so if you snore you’re losing even more – don’t worry we won’t tell!

However good this can make us feel by weighing less, wouldn’t we all rather feel energised and hydrated? Dehydration massively effects mood and performance. No one wants to intentionally feel like crap… or look like crap! Take fruit for example. Grapes vs raisins … grapes are plump, smooth and juicy = hydrated. Raisins are shrivelled, wrinkly and dry = non-hydrated. Lets all be grapes together.

Summer, summer & more… Cocktails

YES!! It’s coming up to party season… the weather gets warmer and the alcohol starts flowing. Hydration starts to deem less important in some situations. Day drinking and bikinis create the best summer memories (there’s nothing better!), but we want to make it through to the evening right? Loosing water through sweat is obvious. We know when we train, spend time in the sun or our throat becomes dry we sip on water. But what about when we drink alcohol? Easy… balance.

We all hate hangovers and the reason we get them is because alcohol is a diuretic (as well as coffee) which increases the amount of urine you pass. Alcohol prevents the use of the hormone that absorbs water in the kidneys. If the water is not being absorbed, it’s flushed out, therefore causing a hangover – Boo! A tactical water between every few drinks could be the difference between partying all weekend or being in bed till 5pm the next day. This is crucial tanning time in your NOVMBR bikini

Summer Cocktail

Try to monitor how much water you are drinking daily, think about changes you can make if you are feeling dehydrated and consider options to drink water between alcoholic drinks.

So a simple tip… a pint of water before and after bed & in between those wonderful cocktails will help you on your way to staying hydrated this summer.

For those anti-water drinkers, apparently, if you try something more than 7 times you will like it! (FYI water helps to flush out that water weight you may be holding onto – we say that’s a bonus all round)!

Much love, NOVMBR xx